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Marriage is not celebrating the closing of the deal on the first house—it’s having dinner in that house for the 4,386th time. But with certain friends, the time is so high-quality, so interesting, and so fun that they pass the Traffic Test. It means I’m lost in the interaction, invigorated by it, and that I’m the complete opposite of bored.

The Traffic Test is passed when I’m finishing up a hangout with someone and one of us is driving the other back home or back to their car, and I find myself for traffic. To me, almost nothing is more critical in choosing a life partner than finding someone who passes the Traffic Test.

By this time, you've likely gotten a taste of how beautiful life can be through adventures and new experiences.

If you find that this process is leading you somewhere different from what you envisioned, ask yourself if you want to refocus or continue down this path.

There will be starts, stops, and lots of tension along the way.

In the pixel post, we looked at a human life up close and saw that it was just an ordinary Wednesday, again and again and again—and that achieving life happiness was all about learning to be happy on a routine weekday. From afar, a great marriage is a sweeping love story, like a marriage in a book or a movie.I had a terrible attitude, a soul-sucking job that I occasionally enjoyed, superficially at best, and I pursued things that would always leave me feeling empty.It took me a long time and a lot of work to get to where I am. I have personal deficits that I'm aware need fine-tuning (or major overhaul).Belinda Munoz is a mother, wife and a social change activist living in San Francisco.She’s a foundation director and political advisor who maintains balance through yoga.

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