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Administration Paternity Benefit Section in the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection, Mc Carter's Road, Buncrana, Co.

Donegal deals with the payment of Paternity Benefit.

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Qualifying Conditions in Summary An employee must be in employment which is covered by the Paternity Leave and Benefit Act 2016 immediately before the first day of paternity leave and satisfy certain PRSI contribution conditions.

A self-employed person must be, or have been, self-employed and satisfy certain PRSI contribution conditions.

Paternity Benefit is available with respect to a child born on or after .

Legislation The main provisions relating to Paternity Benefit are found in the Paternity Leave and Benefit Act 2016.

Disqualifications Absence from the State If the claimant is an EU citizen, they are entitled to Paternity Benefit for any period of the paternity leave spent in an EU country.Before the days of Internet Dating, many people used either telephone dating services or the personals sections of local newspapers to find other singles looking for serious relationships.Online dating works in a similar way to personal ads, but is far more effective, quicker and easier to use.Paternity Benefit and EU Regulations If a claimant was previously insurably employed in a country covered by EU Regulations and they have paid at least one full rate PRSI contribution since their return to Ireland, the insurance record (contributions and credits) in that country may be combined with the Irish PRSI contributions to help qualify for benefit.Premature Births If the baby is born prematurely (i.e.

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