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Am I sporting an invisible sign that says I lust after the irremediably damaged?An old friend recently attracted the perfect guy on Plenty of Fish.

The script opened his eyes to the conception of the NHS and how Aneurin Bevan pushed the idea of healthcare being a right after the Second World War.was taken verbatim from interviews conducted by the filmmakers with nurses, doctors, and patients; these recordings were turned into dialogue and voiceover by Sheers.It gives a picture of a health service that is utterly essential, but also one that could easily need life support itself without the right level of care, attention and investment.“We were at the San Juan bonfire festival and it was a night of sharing: sharing culture, sharing food. And then Brexit happened, and I was just so disappointed that a decision had been made that was against the ethos of sharing.” He was shocked when he looked at the map of the Britain and saw the blue and yellow markings that highlighted the split of the vote.He could see he had been living in a London bubble.

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