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The Internet has made substantially less difficult to do extraordinary things in a computerized world.Particularly, online dating has turned into the most recent pattern for some individuals who are looking to find their ideal match.Further, it enables you to advance your profile with in-application highlights, photographs, and announcements.

DENVER, COLORADO—BBB is warning consumers of a recent phishing scam in which self-proclaimed hackers attempt to blackmail victims through a series of emails sent mainly to victims’ work email addresses.Netsafe has received reports of certain acts performed on a webcam being published on social media.CERT said this version of the scam was involved a hacker posing as an attractive person on a social media or dating website and encouraging another person to perform the acts to a webcam, which they record and later blackmail the person with.READ MORE: * Ashley Madison blackmail threat to Auckland man * Wanna Cry ransomware victims told not to pay up by Cert NZ * How to protect your computer against the latest ransomware attack Netsafe spokeswoman Elizabeth Maddison said hackers could easily install the malware to secretly film if someone using a computer visited an infected website, opened an infected file or in some cases watched a video.She said Netsafe did not know what websites were compromised but it understood that the scam did not relate to adult websites themselves."They are recordings that were able to be taken as a result of malware that had been installed on the target's computer."She said people visiting adult websites should physically cover their webcam lenses.

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