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The Bureau of Consular Affairs is located at 3-5Fl., 2-2 Chi-Nan Road, Sec. Programs of the institute comprise Pre-job training, On-the-job training, Professional Training Conducted for Staff of other Organizations, Extension Education for People’s Diplomacy, and Foreign Languages Training.

--- Branch Office at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport(Emergency Call Center): The branch office deals with the applications for visas upon arrival for foreign visitors, and coordinates emergency assistance to the ROC citizens traveling abroad.

Information Section (Department)1) Collecting, classifying, and analyzing various information about Japanese politics, economics and culture, etc.2) Distributing classified information to other sections of the organization for research.3) Archiving various information.

The identified priorities include: National Security (Regional and International Peace and Security, Regional Integration, compliance with International Law and International Human Rights obligations, and provision of Protocol and Consular Services); National Prosperity (mobilisation of the Diaspora for development, Oil and Gas Diplomacy, and Economic Diplomacy); and national well being (Public Diplomacy, and institution and capacity building).The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its Missions abroad have and continue to implement Ugandas Foreign Policy through: Promoting Regional and International Peace and Security; Commercial Diplomacy; Regional Integration; Implementing and Reporting Obligations on International Treaties and Conventions; Mobilizing Bilateral and Multilateral Resources for Development; Providing Protocol and Consular services to Ugandans and Foreign dignitaries as well as enhancing Ugandas image abroad through Public Diplomacy. Solomon Rutega has invited Chinese businesses to take up investment opportunities in Uganda's key sectors, of commercial agriculture; agro-processing; energy; oil and gas; ICT, mining and mineral beneficiation and tourism. Both organizations are responsible for coordinating and promoting substantive relations between the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the United States of America. Economy Section (Department)1) Dealing with matters relating to the study of economic and trading affairs of Japan.2) Communicating and liaising with the Japan`s ICA on economic affairs.3) Contacting government`s departments on above-said economic matters.4) Assisting in hosting official visitors from Japan. The Duties of the Sections Secretariat Section (Department)1) Researching the political situation of Japan.2) Communicating and liaising with the Japanese ICA regarding overseas Chinese in Japan and overseas Japanese in Taiwan.3) Dealing with general affairs and expenditures of the organization.4) Responsible for the personnel and accounting of the organization.5) Administrati1ng general secretarial work and official dispatches of the organization.6) Hosting official visitors from Japan.

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