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The tower is part of a larger renovation of the area directly around its base–the Keyserlei, which is the main pedestrian avenue that leads from Antwerp’s central train station–into the center of the city.

The design of the Antwerp Tower entails extending the width of the marquise-diamond-like floorpan, increasing its height to 100 m, and demolishing and repurposing the space directly between the opera house and the tower–to create a four story plinth at the tower’s base, for restaurants and cafés, with a roof terrace for overlooking the city below.

The role photography has played in assisting to create the renderings of the design for the Antwerp Tower–which is currently being renovated from its original state, into a 100 m tall luxury residential tower of 290 apartments–is currently featured in a spread, in the June edition of the Dutch architecture and design magazine, of Architectenweb.

Read more about the Antwerp Tower The Antwerp Tower is a skyscraper in the center of Antwerp, which itself is currently being renovated from an office tower to a building with 290 luxury apartments, based off a design by WAA.

Even the name of the street confirms this, as the title ‘Queensway’ derives from our former Queen Emma, who used to live in this very street a long time ago.

No where else could you eat or drink as fresh,feel so much warmth, be so close to nature in a big city and get so inspired by a hotel-visit than right here, right now.

Dating all the way back to the last year of the 19th century, the completely renewed and reshaped 3-star hotel Apple Inn is still housed in a characteristic Gentlemen’s-house on the doorstep of the scenic sights of Amsterdam’s grandest oasis, the Vondelpark.

Read more about the Antwerp Tower During an awards ceremony held on the 12th of April in Amsterdam, Wiel Arets Architects were awarded the 2018 ‘Amsterdam Architecture Prize’, for the IJhal–the nearly 325 m long, primary pedestrian passage within Amsterdam’s central train station.

It is outfit with terrazzo floors, and mirrored ceilings and columns, to maximize visual space.

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