Apple weather widget not updating

Weather Underground is one of the most comprehensive and trusted weather apps I’ve ever come across.

The app itself is well put together and provides a lot of information that many other weather apps don’t, such as pollen and ozone information.

It’s nothing more than a small sentence telling me what I can expect over the next hour.

When driving from point A to point B, or getting ready to leave for the day, this is all I need.

Your personal data isn’t my business — it’s a liability. 68% of Overcast accounts have email addresses today.

To reduce that as much as possible, I’ve made major changes to account handling: In Overcast 4.2, the login screen now prominently encourages anonymous accounts by default.

As for the Weather Nerd app itself, it’s beautifully done and supports almost every weather forecast feature you could ask for.When it comes to inclement weather, Dark Sky has been my most-trusted app for a long time.I also love the simplicity of the weather widget, and typically place it right at the top of my Today view.If you like any other CARROT products, you’ll love this one (it’s actually my favorite of them all).On the main screen of CARROT Weather, you’ll see a current forecast, in CARROT-speak, which usually means the world is ending in some way, no matter what the weather is.

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