Are matthew fox and evangeline lilly dating

Although, Dominic Monaghan has confirmed himself to be a big douche."I always got the sense that there was some tension or drama behind the scenes, especially involving Matthew Fox."Why? If you are relying on comments on the Internet, you need to realize that 95% of these rumors were made up by a group of rabid Skate and Sawyer fans.

They have web sites dedicated to slandering Matthew Fox, his career, wife and family.

The Skaters even spread rumors that Evie hated Matthew, this couldn't be farther from the truth.

Terry O' Quinn didn't get along with AAA either. "And then there' the whole thing with Dominic Monaghan."Like anyone with common sense believes Dominic Monaghan?

My wife wouldn't be too keen if I was doing that at work with a hot colleague. There is a video of Evie taking the chewing gum out of her mouth and Matt taking it and chewing it.

Also, were Matthew and Evangeline feeding each other (to the side of the screen)?

Alan Dale quit watching in S3 as it got too bizarre for him.

But after the La Fleur episode everyone loved them and they won the official fan poll over the couplings.

And then there was that blind item from Watch with Kristin, where many people guessed it to be MF."many people guessed it to be MF"The "many people" were the same five Skaters that went on EVERY Lost fan forum and spread the same crap about Matthew Fox.

Also Kristin was a HUGE Skater and was always discussing Skate and Josh, so was it surprising that her core audience would "guess" it was Matthew Fox?

They were taking a break from shooting a scene in season 6 and didn't know that they were being filmed.

I guess this is a regular occurrence for these two.

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