Asperger dating site

You'll meet someone one day, and you'll talk to them, and you'll realize they've become your new obsession. I basically met several people for coffee dates (low pressure, low commitment, easy to make an excuse and leave if it's going poorly, safe public place to meet a stranger), and if they asked to see me again I would accept or decline if I was interested or not.

I had actually gone on several dates with another boy when I met my boyfriend, I wasn't being serious with the other boy, and was still looking around.

It takes quite a bit of effort to maintain eye contact and try to stay focused on conversations, etc. Think of it like a game where you're trying to solve a mystery - the mystery being whether you have a lot in common with that person, enough to want to keep seeing them and figure out if you truly enjoy their company and they enjoy yours. Think about the times people didn't ask how you were doing, or ignored you, didn't acknowledge you... This is how some NTs feel when aspies don't engage or ask questions, even though it's not the aspie's intention.

This can help move the interaction further along, beyond superficial conversation and open the door to having more substantive, meaningful, and engaging conversations. I was thinking that may be more effective in a way, to date someone else on the spectrum, because you would be able to understand each other in ways that others couldn't.

Basically my question comes down you keep it interesting? Asking someone questions makes a person feel important; it makes a person feel valued.

Though it's been two years, we've had our troubles, but I feel like he is helping me be a better person overall and like we are a good fit! In my mind "it makes sense" but I don't put the emotional factor into it..might be logical matches but emotionally there might be nothing there. Does your boyfriend have Asperger's or anything similar to that? (If you did)And I guess I am unsure of how you would make a dating partner an obsession.

But I get anxious and sad if I don't talk to him or see him for even like, 12 hours.

We live together and see each other everyday, and sleep in the same bed every night.

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