Astronomical dating of mahabharata war

The most prominent characteristics of the gods of both races was their power of regulating the order of nature and banishing evil.The Olympian religion of the Greeks and Vedic beliefs had a common background.He writes: "If Europeans have any superiority over Asiatics it lies in practical science, finance and administration, not in philosophy, thought or art.Their gifts are authority and power to organize; in other respects their superiority is imaginary." Modern research, however, has marred this comforting image and is helping to put Greek culture into its proper historical perspective showing that, like any other culture, it inherited something from preceding civilizations, profited from the progress of its neighboring cultures (like India and Persia) and, in turn, bequeathed much to later generations. Soon, however, the cousins became associates in a a common cultural enterprise.In fact almost everything was traced to ancient Greece.

Sir Henry Maine has said somewhere that except the blind forces of nature, nothing moves in this world which is not originally Greek." However, Indian contacts with the Western world date back to prehistoric times.Indian civilization is distinctive for its antiquity and continuity.Apart from its own vitality, the continuity of Indian civilization is largely due to its ability to adapt to alien ideas, harmonize contradictions and mould new thought patterns.It was more of a raid across the border, and not a very successful raid at that." "The Europeans are apt to imagine that before the great Greek thinkers, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, there was a crude confusion of thought, a sort of chaos without form and void.Such a view becomes almost a provincialism when we realize that systems of thought which influenced countless millions of human beings had been elaborated by people who never heard the names of the Greek thinkers."There has been too much inclination among Western writers to idealize the Greeks and their civilization, and they have tended to discover too much of the contemporary world in the Greek past.

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