Brooke davis theory on dating

And when a fire leaves him hurt badly, it is Brooke who must save him from himself.

It is Brooke who must be his wonderwall, just as he'd been hers.

He finds himself enticed by her funloving friend, Brooke Davis.

But will Brooke’s loyalty to her best friend stop any plans for the two? They’d been through so much in the short time they’d been together, that much was for sure.

Nathan gets involved with some shady characters after he and Haley start having money problems.

Peyton finds out she has a brother, but he may not be who he says he is.

This is the first season to air on the newly formed The CW television network.

In this season, most episodes were named after rock albums rather than after songs.

Even for a girl that looked to be as shallow as she did. Lucas Scott has found himself in an increasingly dull relationship with Peyton Sawyer.

Originally portrayed as outgoing and promiscuous, she fell for Lucas early in season one and revealed herself to be a much less confident and insecure girl.

She had her heart broken twice by him due to the complicated relationship he held with her best friend, Peyton.

During high school, she attempted to mend her broken heart by creating Clothes Over Bro's (C/B), a fashion venture that would prove to become a million-dollar enterprise after graduation.

During this time, she befriended former rival Rachel Gatina and eventually began a relationship with Tree Hill newcomer Chase Adams.

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