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“He was always polite to everybody, and he was a ladies’ man to a tee.” “Philip was an immensely charming man,” Fitzpatrick says.

Those who knew Lynott, who had been close friends with him at various points of his career, still pay him plenty of compliments and hold his music in the highest regard – he was something of a pioneer, after all. In the 1960s and early 1970s the concert promoter Pat Egan was a club DJ and music journalist with magazine.

“The meeting happened through Frank Murray, who was a football mate of mine, and who would go on to manage The Pogues.

We played together in a football team, the name of which you really couldn’t make up: the Energy Reserves, a name coined by the poet Peter Fallon, who was also in the back line.” Before they were introduced to each other in Neary’s Bar & Lounge, Fitzpatrick says, Lynott was “just another face I’d see walking up and down Grafton Street.

My mother would invite him into the parlour and then come upstairs to shake me awake with the words, ‘That black lad is downstairs looking for you.’ But it was the job in “I met Philip in about 1972,” says the artist Jim Fitzpatrick.

He is best known for creating the iconic two-tone portrait of Che Guevara, but he also designed the covers of most of Thin Lizzy’s studio albums.

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