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This tradition was especially important during the thousands of years when writing was either non-existent or limited.

Unfortunately, the key to this knowledge was nevertheless often lost, as the myths became believed as "historical fact."...

This archaeoastronomy was an accurate prognosticator for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly events.

Indeed, it was an augur for the changes of entire ages, some of which, as in the chronologies of the Maya, Babylonians and Hindus, extend back hundreds of thousands or millions of years.

This awe has led to the reverence and worship both of the night and day skies, an adoration called "astrotheology." While fertility worship has constituted an important and prevalent part of the human religion, little has astonished humankind more than the sky, with its enormous, blazing, white day orb in the azure expanse, and with its infinite, twinkling, black night dome.

So fascinated by the sky, or heavens, has been man that he has created entire religions, with organized priesthoods, complex rituals and massive edifices, in order to tell its story.

The program seeks to decrease older refugee isolation and dependence and to overcome cultural, language and educational barriers.

(28)Astronomical or astrotheological knowledge reaches back to the dawn of humanity, appearing widespread and becoming highly developed over a period of millennia.

In its entry on "Astrology," the Catholic Encyclopedia describes the development of this archaic science in the ancient world: The history of astrology is an important part of the history of the development of civilization, it goes back to the early days of the human race….

The goal is to increase the number of older refugees using mainstream services and to connect with other older refugees who share common backgrounds, difficulties and barriers when coming to a new country.

We partner with local health departments and clinics in each of the seven major geographic resettlement areas of the state to provide health screenings to newly arriving refugees on a per capita basis.

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