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Only a rebellious alien warrior can help them reunite and leave the planet to stop this deadly menace from beginning a possible galactic war. Kirk applies for promotion to Vice Admiral, which he turns down, because which he wishes to remain a Captain. In Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979), Kirk has been promoted to Admiral following the five-year mission.

In Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan (1982), Kirk remained an Admiral, and was having a midlife crisis, Mc Coy believed that Kirk missed being a Captain and exploring the universe and advised Kirk to get back command of the Enterprise.

Still I do have to point out that this latest part in the reboot franchise is proof that this is not Star Trek.

The older films and TV Shows next to spectacle always offered good drama and thought provoking concepts about many essential things that matter in life.

Star Trek made science and philosophy accessible and fun for people who otherwise might not have been interested. I like to be provoked about political and social issues when done right. The very few moments that were could not make me forget the agony I experienced while watching this film.

Star Trek Beyond however dismisses all of this and treats it's audience like they are idiots. However like I first stated that I was willing and able to overlook the lack of this in favour of fun. I stared at the screen in such detached manner that I think I would have gotten more enjoyment watching noise.

Now I must admit that that scene did put a smile on my face.

Because nothing about this adventure is memorable or exciting.Although the big one at the end was decent enough if it weren't for the fact that I already had stopped caring about this film entirely. There isn't a single scene that serves has a proper send off and farewell to the magnificent actor he was. Actually a lot of characters including Chris Pine as Kirk lack the charm and wit from previous films. Let me remind you people that it was his Vulcan half that made him an interesting character.All the characters in this film could have died and I would not have given a damn. It was like no one in this production cared about this film at all. Why should I give in and accept this mess of a film?I actually embraced the reboot until Star Trek Into Darkness.Although that did not stop me from enjoying for what they were.

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