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(The editorial office is in Manhattan.) Huffington jokes with them as she clicks on to 23/6, a new comedy site financed by Barry Diller’s IAC, in which the Huffington Post is a partner.It’s an unlikely sight: a 57-year-old woman giddily surfing political campaign-ad parodies with her tech-savvy, twentysomething cohorts.Till now she has released several books, for which she has received wide praise and applause.

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It has been reported that, these days she is dating an American politician.Police caught up with the kidnappers following a tip by the Russia LGBT Network.Polished yet relaxed, her copper hair casually blown dry, not coiffed in the helmet of days gone by, Arianna Huffington dips into her blueberries and yogurt as if she has all the time in the world.Lesbian superhero Batwoman will be getting her own television show on the CW.Casting has already begun for a lesbian actress to take the role, making it first gay lead (of any gender) for a live-action superhero series.

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