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this year, I took my American study-abroad students on a tour of Dr. The museum is a wonderful eighteenth-century oddity in an otherwise mock-Georgian square, a place devoted to the joys of language.Between 17, Samuel Johnson compiled his famous dictionary there.It is therefore significant that, as we spend more time looking at our devices, the phrase that once criticized an equivalent attachment is in decline.This is partly the result of a kind of habitat destruction.

The person hunched over her laptop in the coffee shop could be poring over budgets or caught in an unrewarding whorl of You Tube videos: the silhouette is more or less the same.As a result, the old-school sheepishness about watching television, especially during the day, has been replaced by a sense of pride in our new technological capabilities.(The general consensus that TV programming is, on the whole, better than it used to be surely helps with this destigmatization.) In the past few years, the world’s transit systems have become eclectic TV and movie lounges.The record states that the first couch potato was named and affectionately shamed in Pasadena, California, in 1976, when Tom Iacino phoned his friend Robert Armstrong, a cartoonist and TV lover.According to an interview that Iacino gave to in 2014, Armstrong’s girlfriend picked up, and Iacino said, “Hey, is the couch potato there?

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