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Finally, she started driving to meet a couple of these guys hundreds of miles away, taking the children with her! Soon the friendly chat turned to cybersex, and from there it escalated into phone sex. As a direct result of this interview with Cathy, together with my interaction with Willie Draughon, retired Assistant Chief of Criminal Investigations with the State Attorney General's Office, I returned to the drawing board, and revised my book to include the rising and devastating problem of female Internet porn and cybersex addiction. I began having sexual fantasies about what I saw there (sometimes involving masturbation). My life was one of sex and gratification, and all because of curiosity about porn sites. And after work she could go home and play the vixen again, engaging in dominance and submission under handles like 'Super Vixen' or 'Madam X.'" Cathy's Story-The Future of Women and Internet Pornography While writing my book . I found myself looking for time when no one was around so I could get on the Internet. Her reputation in her real-life community remained intact. She had no fears of pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases; she hadn't spent any money beyond her basic Internet access cost; she wasn't concerned about one of the men knocking on her door someday or sending unwanted love letters or flowers, because she never shared her phone number or any specifics about where she lived. Actually, prior to her introduction to Internet pornography and her subsequent addiction to cybersex chatrooms and illicit sex, she was an exemplary wife and mother, a model citizen in her community, and an active participant in her church. There are those reading this who might assume that Cathy was simply a loose woman, slutty, not unlike a prostitute in her mind-set.

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No one knew where she had gone, what she had done, or the language she had used the night before. The Internet porn was simply a convenient tool that aided in my romantic/sexual fantasizing. used to be very devoted, but now I live for the Internet. I spent many hundreds of hours in sexually graphic conversations with men in cybersex chatrooms. She's amazed at how brazen she's become, hopping among several "partners" in one night and indulging in virtual sex acts she had never previously imagined. Young goes on, "the best part is the morning after. Now when Leah enters the People Connection seeking quick sexual encounters, she finds herself desired by dozens of men.

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