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The United States responded by restating that the INF negotiations were bilateral, covering only U. and Soviet missiles, and could not involve third-country systems or affect existing patterns of cooperation. At the June 1987 meeting of the North Atlantic Council, NATO foreign ministers announced support for the global elimination of all U. and Soviet intermediate-range and shorter-range missile systems. On July 22, 1987, General Secretary Gorbachev agreed to a "double global zero" Treaty to eliminate intermediate-range and shorter-range missiles.During April meetings with Secretary Shultz in Moscow, General Secretary Gorbachev proposed the possible elimination of U. On June 15, President Reagan proposed the elimination of all U. On August 26, 1987, Chancellor Kohl announced the Federal Republic of Germany would dismantle its 72 Pershing IA missiles and not replace them with more modern weapons if the United States and the Soviet Union scrapped all of their INF missiles as foreseen in the emerging Treaty.It carried three independently targetable warheads, as distinguished from the single warheads carried by its predecessors.The SS-20s 5,000 kilometer range permitted it to cover targets in Western Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and, from bases in the eastern Soviet Union, most of Asia, Southeast Asia, and Alaska.This proposal became known as the "zero-zero offer."At the beginning of the talks, the Soviet Union opposed the deployment of any U. INF missiles in Europe and proposed a ceiling of 300 "medium-range" missiles and nuclear-capable aircraft for both sides, with British and French nuclear forces counting toward the ceiling for the West. In January 1985, Secretary of State George Shultz and Soviet Foreign Minister Andrey Gromyko agreed to separate but parallel negotiations on INF, strategic arms (START), and defense and space issues as part of a new bilateral forum called the Nuclear and Space Talks (NST).

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It called for complementary programs of force modernization and arms control.Negotiations would be conducted by a single delegation from each side, divided into three groups -- one for defense and space, one for START, and one for INF.Formal talks resumed in March 1985 in all three areas. GLCM deployments continued, the Soviet Union outlined an interim INF agreement that would permit some U. GLCMs in Europe, but which would permit SS-20 warheads equal to the sum of all warheads on U. The Soviets also offered to freeze INF systems in Asia -- contingent on U. acceptance of their proposals and provided the Asian strategic situation did not change.It seems that there’s a limitless supply of sexy young women that want to make Russian porn movies.They’re beautiful, youthful, and eager to do seriously naughty stuff on camera, which is why we have such a big supply of Slavic smut for you to watch.

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