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Great math skills not only come in handy in simple, daily situations like planning your monthly budget, but they are very important when you take important business decisions regarding investments like buying a house.

Math skill is not the most romantic thing in the world, but if you are a practical lady, you will appreciate it! Pisa that stands for Programme for International Student Assessment – a test administered to 15-year olds in 65 countries.

When you traveling by buses and subways, you will spot plenty of people grabbing a quick afternoon nap, which is also a healthy habit of many Asians (I also wrote about the nap already, check it out HERE).

The bottom line is, if we feel like we’re losing something we avoid it, we won’t do it. Saving sounds like you’re giving something up, you’re losing something today.

Also, universities from China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore have made it into the top ten and/or number one spots of the 2016 version of the QS World University Rankings by the subject report. I think there is an incredible value of honing math skills as we will need more math and programming skills with the further development of STEM industries. Financial stability does not necessarily mean someone is rich! The East Asian culture is still predominantly about making a living by hard working and saving.

It is obvious that math is important in these fields, but what is more interesting is that many traditionally no-so-math-oriented professions like for example marketers started to recognize the power of math as well. According to World’s highest saving rate, China has savings of more than 50% of its GDP and more than 30% of disposable income are saved.

🙂 The way I look at the Asians is a mix of data and my own experiences that I went through while living over 3 years in China and 6 months in Taiwan and after being married to an Asian guy for a few years now.

There are way too many guys in this world who don’t care about your feelings, so “too caring” or “too gentle” is not the worst thing that could happen to you in a relationship?

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