Dating a tunisian man

An anonymous Tunisian writer describes the difference between the democratic progress achieved in his homeland of Tunisia and the actual situation faced by half of the country's population—women.

If you go to Tunisia, wander the streets of the capital Tunis, you will see women in public spaces, coffee shops and restaurants who seem to be enjoying their lives.

My classmate went on and told me that her mother told her that a girl, like the egg, would be thrown away if broken.

“Mkassra”, meaning broken is the word used in Tunisian dialect to describe non virgin girls.

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Egyptian-American feminist writer Mona Eltahawi wrote “Why do they hate us” looking into why men hate women in the Arab world.

For instance, Tunisian society tolerates men drinking alcohol and engaging in sexual relationships outside wedlock.

While alcohol and extramarital sex are prohibited in Islam for both men and women, it is still widely unacceptable for women to do the same.

I can't speak for all Tunisian women, but I dated a Turkish man for about two years.

None of my friends found that odd or had any concerns about the fact that he's Turkish. Some Tunisian women would definitely go out with a Turkish man as long as they can communicate and get along. The couple will be surprised by how many things in commun, they have.

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