Dating abuse on college campus

Colleges would be required to keep track of incidents of dating violence, domestic violence and stalking that take place on or near their campuses under proposed regulations to be published Friday by the Department of Education.The proposals also would allow both accusers and the accused to bring an "advisor of their choice" to campus disciplinary proceedings.The Obama administration took up the cause this year, creating a task force in January and releasing in May a list of 55 colleges under investigation for possible violations of federal law over the handling of sexual violence and harassment complaints.Among them: Harvard, the University of Chicago, Dartmouth College and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill."The stigma prevents many victims from sitting down with those who can help." Once any challenges in identifying abuse and seeking assistance are overcome, the needed resources are there.In recent years, college campuses in North Carolina have devoted an extensive range of resources with which to assist survivors of IPV.

This study was performed in 2011 by Knowledge Networks on behalf of women's fashion company Liz Claiborne, Inc.

Giving away one's email, computer or social media passwords increases the likelihood of digital dating abuse.

More than one-third of dating college students give passwords to their partner, which can make them more vulnerable to these forms of abuse.

Colleges also would have to provide more information, including a list of possible sanctions, about how disciplinary cases involving sexual violence are handled.

Left unaddressed was any definition of consent, a contentious issue that is often at the core of campus sexual assault cases.

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