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i remember the first conversation i had with a beautiful woman who later turned out to be my wife.

we met and talked on a curbside for about 20 minutes in front of church on 12 MAR 95. three kids and two houses later, the rest is history. Any anniversary at all will never even occur to us guys, much less multiple anniversaries.

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We celebrate both the dating anniversary and the wedding anniversary. For other relationships, though, it was the “first date” in general. It was a few days after our first “date” (I wasn’t, um, entirely sure it was a date at the time) and about a week before we sat down and had the chat to determine we were dating exclusively for sure. But when I’m doing the above mentioned girly calculations, I have to figure out the date each time. First, I'll bet you money she's aware of the date, so he might as well acknowledge it. I have even been to a cat's birthday party that, admittedly, was lame. I'm the type of girl who seizes every occasion to celebrate something. We didn’t really even start dating until much after that.I knew that my other boyfriends were only short term, so it didn’t seem important to remember when we got together. We consider our first date to be our anniversary, and we only celebrate yearly.

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