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As on all pages of this site, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the contents they are only our thoughts, & so may be wrong.Also, terms like master, mother and stamper are used below.Here is such an Odeon: One can only have ordered it by quoting one side.Perhaps even people in Austria found difficulty in ordering these too, because they are quite scarce.AUSTRIA appears again, which we already know about.Note that there is no W in a circle on this side: it was not recorded by the Western Electric process. The label helpfully tells us that the Goofus Five were New York.Alas, I dont have such a list, but the tune which is sung in English was current around the middle of 1926. 2 indicates the Odeon catalogue number, which of course also appears on the label, but with an A- prefix. 3 is interesting: both in the wax and under the label appears a small W in a circle.This is a symbol meaning that the side was recorded using the then-newish Western Electric recording system.

So, if we had a listing of their masters with dates, we could find out when this side was recorded.At 4 we see something quite odd: AUSTRIA pressed into the wax. This record was almost certainly pressed in Germany; so why does it not say sterreich in the wax? I find this use of English in Germany in wartime extremely odd If a 1941 British His Masters Voice record had Fabrikiert in Grossbrittanien stamped in the wax, there would have been a great fuss about using the German language while we were at war with them, Im sure of that! Here we have the master number on the label at right S74168b and also in the wax on the right.Note that all the things weve looked at so far have been stamped with dies.Still, catalogue numbers, however fascinating they are, are not particularly what this page is about. Of course, finished records have never been made out of wax.The sort of letters and numbers were really interested in, are the other markings & printings to be found on the label, under the label and in the wax. But they were nearly all originally cut onto a wax blank between ~1902 and say the late 1940s.

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