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Various birds, kangaroos, emus, iguanas, opossums, echidnas, and bandicoots were among the important animals hunted. Fish were also consumed, as were crayfish, mussels, and shrimp.Men typically hunted, cleaned, and prepared the game for cooking.

Look online for information on the annual Myall River Massacre commemoration ceremony, which is held over the first weekend in June, and come along.Aahhh my tribes nearly extinct, that can't be good, I am trying to find out about my tribe. I love being able to find out information about my background.I am second generation I think and want to know everything about our ancestors to teach my kids.Women did the actual cooking, in addition to fishing and gathering.Individual Kamilaroi did not eat animals that were their totems, although the Euahlayi, a related group, did not observe this restriction.

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