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The invented the most absolute control device so far.They studied the males brain and were able to received and interpret brain waves that they produce during the thinking process. On top of protecting the male from the ultra sound, it would at all time register the man thought.They had to wear a collar around them and on a simple taught the micro ship would hurt the man's balls so much that it took them days to recuperate and would almost drive them insane with pain.All the males soon had to wear these devices and the ball's collar was activated once for the most recalcitrant of them.The ball collar was so efficient that no males that had it done to him, had ever try an open rebellion again.The males hated their new status but open rebellion was impossible.When the women activated the device, they were able to take control of the governments of their planet.They put an end to all the wars and made sure that every one had its basic needs satisfied.

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The men however were still the bigger and stronger sex and they were still a threat to the women.It became law that no man should have a position of command over a woman.The males continued to rebel and the women continued to take their rights away, eventually they were not allowed to leave home without a woman's permission.The situation was difficult and in the early days, the males almost succeeded in neutralizing the device. The collar would also protect them from the painful ultra sound.With that collar they were able to monitor the movement of the males.

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