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With playground insults making it seem like something shameful to be gay, the fear of those all too normal wonders as you develop into a man put a big pressure on. It was only years later that you realised that you could have saved yourself months of angst and dilemmas (and possibly an experience or two you ended up regretting too) that these claims were 95% bullshit. Heartbreak Along with the stirring emotions that come with puberty will inevitably come that first REAL crush.While having thoughts either way doesn’t mean any definitive answer regarding sexuality, teenage boys struggle to share or understand these difficult concepts, especially among everything else confusing going on. The smell What the heck is that funk suddenly coming from your armpit? When it is reciprocated or you are dumped by that person, you feel like you will never, ever love like that again. While other loves ARE stronger, you will always remember this one as unique. Understanding the opposite sex Whether from a romantic perspective or as friends, girls suddenly become intimidating or difficult to decipher during the teenage years.

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But this view has to be through rose tinted spectacles – as much as being a teenager was an era of excitement and discovery, it was far more about angst, heartbreak and body odour.This legislation sounds super boring, but it’s actually really important to protect your privacy and information.Do Something is working really quickly to comply to these new laws.It’s not easy getting so worked up about the fact that you can’t find your favourite hoodie. There is an enormous pressure on lads to look good as well and the dread of the PE changing room is every bit as real for a boy. And then there are the private struggles of penis size, pube quantity and just when and how your balls our going to finally drop. The squeaky voice That interim period between the voice of a cherub and the booming tones of a grown man would almost be funny if it weren’t so embarrassing.When you answer one question in class in three different pitches, you just want the ground to swallow you up. The confusion It doesn’t matter how far things move forward in society’s progression relating to LGBT, one of the most bewildering aspects for teenage boys is the complex feelings of sexuality. Everyone except you were doing everything, remember?

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