Dating gta 4 pc

After working some time for Bulgarin, a ship that Niko was aboard sank a few miles off the Italian coastline.

I bought GTAIV and installed it and all is fine then when it comes to the realease date check it gives me a failure.

so i choose the option to activate the game manually through a computer that has internet eventhough i also have a internet connection. but when i start the game it does the release date check again..

so i try to activate it manually again.i click in activate manully and this time NOTHING happens!!!

When The Platypus pulls into the City, Niko disembarks and is soon after picked up by his cousin to drive back to Roman’s place.

When they get back, however, Niko is quick to observe that all Roman had told him was a great exaggeration, and in reality Roman had nothing but a poor apartment and small cab company.

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