Dating in the workplace players

One day, however, Ron was late to work and Veronica filled in for him on air. This resulted in significant post-breakup tension in the workplace. He read the phrase as written on the prompter, the viewers protested, and Ron was fired.

She was a big hit with the viewership and so she was promoted to co-anchor alongside Ron. This led to a downward spiral for Ron, during which he found himself in a glass case of emotion.

They’re far from bulletproof.) I think employers need to ensure that employees are trained (at least bi-annually) on the company’s sexual harassment policies.

Emphasis should be placed on the potential negative consequences for one’s career that can happen when a workplace romance turns bad and is unreported (e.g., allegations of harassment, assault, etc.).

Supervisors should be trained (again, at least bi-annually) on the company’s policies, on recognizing and reporting workplace romances, and on the consequences.

Combining this training with a strategic use of well-drafted love contracts can go a long way in preventing claims from workplace romances gone bad.

(The views expressed in this column are his own.) As a lawyer your reputation is heavily reliant on writing well.

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Like Ron and Veronica, the individuals involved usually want to keep the relationship secret for various reasons (frequently because the relationship is extramarital).

And so while love contracts may avoid some liability when the romance is made known, those agreements clearly are not a cure-all for avoiding liability stemming from workplace romances given the secrecy of so many of them.

(There are also a lot of ways to successfully attack and void a love contract.

Stonecipher was forced to resign the presidency of aerospace giant Boeing over a relationship with a Boeing executive.

But as anyone who works in an office knows, favoritism isn’t confined to love and sex: Family relationships and office friendships can upset co-workers’ sense of propriety and fairness, too, and end up undermining an organization’s performance.

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