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Julie says the report is wrong about her being drunk in Luann’s room.

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June 20, 2018 - The group photo name key is available via e-mail to those who request it and for whom we have their e-mail addresses on file or otherwise can verify it is a classmate making the request. The small core group of current attendees, who enjoy visiting with our fellow members of the Class of 1968, may meet informally periodically without announcement.She finally opened the door when the security guard used a key to unlock the door. She continued screaming that she was “going to fucking kill all of you” all the way to the Palm Beach police station where she tossed into a holding cell. Then she allegedly shoved one of the police officers in the chest with her palm, then slammed the door on his face, The door hit him in the forehead. The security guard told them that needed to leave the hotel. After the guard spent five minutes trying to get them to get dressed and go to no avail, he called for police backup.When the police arrived at p.m., the unidentified male was gone and Luann was still there with her friend, Julie Olson.

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