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Fast forward to current day and we are left with this being a shadow of its former self fragrance.

Gone is the room filling projection and in is the having to reapply after 3 hours because its basicly a skin scent after an hour because we are living in a day and age where we are scared of offending other people with amazing smelling perfume.

To be fair, this is probably nice to someone who love cinnamon with lemon. I think many younger guys wear it on warm days or when they go clubbing, which really doesn't work well with 1 Million (despite the intended marketing of the scent).

I discovered it in 2011 and was not aware of the hype around it at the time.

but, some years ago, 1 million was my signature Scent.

I remember very well when I started using it because it was at the same time I started dating my girlfriend (now my wife! I remember that I thought it was a very innovative perfume because it had masculine notes but with a feminine touch; A sweet smell of roses, cinnamon, and leather ... It's funny, but if I had to assign a color to this perfume, I'd say it smells like the color purple, and I do not know why hahaha.

Its very well blended but i just keep smelling an intoxicating rose. That coupled with its juggernaut performance and i see why its popularity went into the bizarre. Its a magical & metallic journey which is a real head Turner after all these years.

The house of Paco Rabanne's fragrance for men is announced as a fresh and sensual blend of notes, with glittery shine of gold, for which creator Paco Rabanne says the following: "In all civilizations and religions gold has always managed to seduce people".

Gold is all around us: in architecture, design, jewelry, clothes, accessories, fashion...

I have avoided buying this fragrance for years, only because it is so popular. So, after many years of avoiding buying this fragrance, I have succumbed to its charms.

Now I am the owner of a bottle of One Million; and you know what? Yes, I know what you are going to say: Overly popular, everyone uses it, blah blah blah ...

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