Dating resume tip

In contrast to standard practice 10 or 20 years ago, avoid including your street address on your résumé. Instead, provide your email address, cellphone number and Linked In URL.If you want an employer to know you're located nearby, add the city and state, Scarborough Civitelli advises. If you own your own domain, like [email protected], that also works well.Just be sure you don't give away any proprietary information or trade secrets of past employers.Unless you recently returned to school or obtained a professional certification, it's usually best to omit education dates from your résumé, Scarborough Civitelli says. In the academic and science fields, for example, hiring managers will expect to see graduation dates. Choose a simple 10- or 12-point font such as Helvetica or Calibri, but when pasting a résumé into an online form, you may need to use plain text, to avoid formatting problems.

"So many employers look at Linked In," Scarborough Civitelli says.

Resist the urge to highlight your CV with boldface, italics or underlining, Edwards says. Although standard bullets are acceptable, tables and charts may confuse electronic recruiting systems, Scarborough Civitelli warns. HR professionals don't want to know what you look like (even though they can easily find you on Linked In), lest it open them up to discrimination claims if you don't make the cut, Edwards says.

Give your résumé a straightforward name, such as Last Name.

Scarborough Civitelli warns against gaming the system by stuffing your curriculum vitae with keywords or sneaking them in using white text.

"The software will likely reject those tricks as fraud," she explains.

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