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Needless to say I will never go back to the location on University Blvd! Stopped in here for lunch and 10 minutes after ordering, Erica comes out to the dining area and announces that they are closing the lobby due to a grease problem in the kitchen.

She put a sign on the door announcing the closing to be between and pm.

Well, I held and held, so finally I decided to see just how long it would take her to get back to me.

After 15 minutes I pulled around to the window, and after a couple more minutes the girl came to the window and I told her how long I had been waiting and that 3 customers behind be had left. Then this older woman came up and told the girl to tell me it would be “at least” a 15 minute wait.

I left there and went to the location at 4696 Moffett Rd.

and ordered, got my food and was on the way home in 3 minutes!

Reply I am very disappointed with services in garden city. 31408 this morning and this weekend going out been given lose service there on Augusta rd garden city I need my breakfast take my medicine they refuse do breakfast right told Saturdays no running egg yolk running out bring back they burned eggs 3 egg breakfast go back same thing eggs running went to one abercorn done right that told me something they means to do you any kind way go only because my need that what they do to joke around on customer thanks Reply The time is now am ! Unfortunately I’m not ordering because the young lady who was taking my order sounded very upset! I said are okay okay she said I don’t have time for that tonight!

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People like her is not a great image for your company she is causing you to lose money ! I will be expecting a follower up on this message Reply I am a faithful customer to your establishment I live in Jackson Tn, you have two Krystal’s here. Twice this has happened then my food was messed up.I’m not sure if they have a shortage or not but that still doesn’t give her the right to be rude shericka is her name I just ask her what’s her name she said it doesn’t Matter bye bye! The young lady smirked when I told her this morning.Then I came bac on way home for water she tells me 50cnt with a smirk yet I’ve never been charged before.Got to work and found no receipt in the bag, can’t return without receipt. Reply I worked for the krystals on Florence Blvd in Florence, Alabama, I worked only 2 shifts and I know that isn’t a lot but I never got paid for it.I contacted them by phone and no one is helping me.

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