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tweet It’s been three and a half months since we have been together and I’m starting to consider other alternatives.This isn’t what I signed on for, but the phrase for better or worse still means something to me.What I’m missing is being desired, having the intimacy and spontaneity that we had before.Breathing each other’s air, cuddling up, caressing faces, shoulders, derrieres, all of it. Where did it go and do I have to go the rest of my life without it? tweetit is so hard to go without any physical connection. I didn’t sign up for this and don’t know what to do.tweet men and women realize just how damaging withholding sex can be, if they’re the ones who are victims to the withholding.So some of those commenting said they felt justified in cheating.

When I’m not with him I’ll be very lucky to receive an email or text message from him.

I feel so disgusted in myself and hate myself so much.

I used to feel attractive but not I just feel worthless.

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