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Indeed, the fact that we are all a bit cynical about dating on the whole could also be a good thing.

There is no detectable sadness amongst my single friends (and I don’t remember feeling any when I was single) that we aren’t going out on glamorous dinner dates with a different person every night, skipping from bar to bar in shoes we can’t walk in or leaving our friends to go off into the night with a handsome stranger.

One of them did point out, however, that she thinks people approach each other less now on the whole.

' I definitely feel like it's getting harder to pull.

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We wouldn’t spend hours cooking from scratch, we’d go out to eat and sip on cocktails – remember Bridget’s ill-fated parodic ‘blue soup’ and Miranda’s constant calls to her local takeaway?In the UK women are getting married later than ever, although we are not delaying it as much as you might think the age at which we enter into marriage has gone up significantly and the number of us who will never tie the knot has gone up.The average age for first-time marriage in the UK is 36.7 for men and 34.3 for women.You might show your matches to your mates, but you’ll chat to your potential date via Whats App on your own and go out to meet them alone.‘We don’t really go out on the pull together’ one of my pals pointed out.

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