Dating your waltham pocket watch

All these improvements are the property of the company and with dwellings erected by some of the employees, contiguous for a thriving village in itself.The Chicago & Northwestern and Chicago, Milwaukee & St.

There is an ample supply is distributed suitable for every requirement of the factory and hotel.It is not too much to say that there is no large manufacturing corporation existing which has a better appointed and equipped factory for the production of their respective line of goods than this company has.As the products of the company were so generally known as Elgin Watches, the stockholder at a special meeting held on May 12 1874, took the necessary legal steps to change and subsequently did change the name of the company from the National Watch Company to the Elgin National Watch Company, by which name it has since been and is now known.The production of movement has steadily increased from the start.On June 1, 1886, the company was manufacturing 1200 movements per day.

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