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This is the sixth one and we have come a long way to improve it. Even the employees of Yuzhnoye SDO, who took part in preparations and arrangements themselves, expressed their gratitude to the organizers. The agreements are being prepared; however, they are not signed yet. The contacts are established, since we and our guests have many things to offer to each other.

The Conference of this year indicates that we have achieved a new level of quality. A lunar research base is a very interesting topic that will attract many listeners to the round-table discussion.

Seventy papers were prepared and presented by members of 17 companies. general issues of design and development of space rocketry and launch systems, their comparisons and differences.

Another issue is the development of different systems, i.e.

They also saw a 3D printer and listened to a fill-in given by Alexander Lomakin, Head of Department 716.

The participants visited the Test Division 3, where the Head Victor Fedorov told about its capabilities The excursion overran a schedule because the participants examined the displayed items and asked many questions.

The Conference participants visited the main assembly workshop of Yuzhny, where Vasyl Nesterenko, Deputy Chief of Workshop 97, conducted the tour.

They saw the Yuzhnoye SDO pilot production of polymer material structures that were described by Alexander Potapov, Head of Division 9.

Various issues are discussed in different sessions. The presentations at the materials science session are said to be at a high scientific level.

Our foreign guests and Ukrainian colleagues highly appreciated the Conference.

It was favorably received and we didn’t expect anything opposite.

I believe that the personnel of Yuzhnoye SDO and all people, engaged in organization and support of the Conference, accomplished their mission.

The Robert and Virginia Heinlein Prize Trust events were held on this day.

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