Define validating life

Level 2 Accurate Reflection Reflect means to make manifest or apparent.For self-validation, accurate reflection is acknowledging your internal state to yourself and labelling it accurately.During the next few months, we will be presenting an overview of its various aspects, providing real-world examples of good validation practices.In this post, we will begin by emphasizing three It is a combination of these core components and having the right people to implement them which ensure not only that the project will be a success, but that future phases of the project or system will succeed as well.The practices outlined above are only a brief overview of the validation activities required to ensure that a new system or environment will stand up to the scrutiny that is required of modern applications.

When you observe and describe your internal experience, you do not interpret or guess or make assumptions.Being present for yourself validates that you matter and that you have the strength to feel.Being present with your internal experience means you experience the body sensations that are part of your emotional experience.Knowing that you are understood and that your emotions and thoughts are accepted by others is powerful. Self-validation is accepting your own internal experience, your thoughts and feelings.Self-validation doesn't mean that you believe your thoughts or think your feelings are justified.

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