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She recently thanked a group of lovely ladies for her support about her business. The company designs and manufactures handmade bags.

She sells them in various stores in and around Charlotte.

The couple got married in , and have two children, a boy called Michael and a girl called Anne.

Lorra Podsiadlo Bowyer Clint Bowyer Lorra Podsiadlo is not just married to an athlete, she is an athlete in her own right.

Interestingly, Jordan formerly danced for the Honeybees.The wait was finally over however, when the pair celebrated a gorgeous wedding ceremony on the island of Saint Barthelemy in the Caribbean in All we know about these two, is that they have two children together, and are a super good looking pair.I suppose we will have to allow them their privacy on this one!Since the company is brand new as of April, 2016, she is still organizing how best to sell the products.Denny Hamlin’s girlfriend congratulated some friends of hers who are starting a boutique in Charlotte, and she also mentioned the boutique will sell her bags. It’s good to know people in the same business who you can work with!

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