Dhcp not updating reverse lookup

I also Limit source IP service, but for this one you'll have to go into the Source IP List and configure hosts or subnets that are allowed to query this zone.If you forget to do that and have this checked, your server will not respond.

Once in the DNS Server configuration select Resolution and perform the following configuration: Now that your DNS Server is up and running, it is time to configure a Master Zone for your internal network.

This type of zone is optional, but it provides the ability for hosts to get human-readable names for connections that are made to it (e.g.

to provide FQDN (fully qualified domain names) in log files, like for connections to a web server) To create your Master Reverse Zone select the Zones option from the DNS Server application, then click the Create button and select Master zone.

If you have to manually assign an IP address, it will not register in DHCP, so resolution will fail.

Finally, even if you specify an alias via the USG configuration, that alias will be ignored in favor of the way the host identified itself to the DHCP server initially (no matter how broken, like having spaces), and resolution will fail.

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