Doc love dating advice about women for men only

Screening out takers and users - before you spend time and money.How to use your phone The System includes the Dating Dictionary, Interview CD and Speech CD): How to get women to chase you.Doc, should I forget about the 10s and just date average-looking but intelligent girls?Or is it possible to find an Einstein on the catwalk? Pat - whos sick of gorgeous idiots We should all have your problems, pal!

I know you must still be thinking What the heck is this guy kvetching about, but believe me; its a real problem when youre in the market for someone to get serious with.

There are some Beautiful Women out there who are brilliant you just havent met them yet, thats all.

Still, if you want to do Beautiful Women, buddy, this is what youre going to have to put up with. Theyre attracting the attention of men without having to work for it.

I can't begin to tell you how my dating life has changed thanks to you.

I used to be a loser, and now Im beating the women off with sticks.

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