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I love all of Aqua's songs, especially Back From Mars, Goodbye To The Circus, Freaky Friday, and Cartoon Heroes. In Australia it got banned from radio stations because of the "You can touch , you can play" part. this band was funny, even when i was a lil kid i didn't like them..

I dont really know who is Aqua but the song is really cute you know. I think Aqua just wanted a novelty song and they got it I don't remember much about this song except that the radio stations played it ad infintium ad nauseam (which is Latin for "to the point that I throw up") If I hadn't had to listen to it incessantly, it might have been somewhat cute, but I hated it the second day after it came out. i was just talking about this song today and my friend and i started singing our own little version, i think i'm not permitted to do so, but lets just say it kinda sexually orientated.

  The college football season is approaching, and this is the time when prognosticators look into their crystal balls.

AL.com/The Birmingham News has compiled the projected order of finish in the SEC as part of our annual preseason conference football report.

JPG 468w,https://expo.advance.net/img/1b51e57fcd/width516/fc9_alabamafootballchampionshipcelebrationjan20229149. JPG 516w,https://expo.advance.net/img/1b51e57fcd/width746/fc9_alabamafootballchampionshipcelebrationjan20229149. JPG 746w,https://expo.advance.net/img/1b51e57fcd/width360/fc9_alabamafootballchampionshipcelebrationjan20229149. JPG 360w" sizes="(max-width: 360px) 90vw, (max-width: 767px) 90vw, (max-width: 1280px) 33vw, 25vw" class="articles__card-image--b-plus" style="object-position: 50% 0.0%;"   The college football season is approaching, and this is the time when prognosticators look into their crystal balls.

Schools could not vote for themselves." data-srcset="https://expo.advance.net/img/1b51e57fcd/width468/fc9_alabamafootballchampionshipcelebrationjan20229149.

In fact, according to the first amendment, they can sing about whatever they want. The link is to a french web site, but the song is sung in English: is the worst song I've ever heard! The part where she says you can undress her anywhere is so wrong! Our song was based on "Barbie Girl." And I don't find that gay because it's a girls' school. Most people don't take Aqua serious, because they were just fun music, brainless and no need to think...

If anyone's rights were violated, it was Aqua's from Mattel's frivolous lawsuit. Next time whoever wrights a song they should learn to put down words that children want to hear! It went "I'm a freshie girl in a senior world."This song is like the greatest. Which is nice sometimes, though they've got a few serious songs too which are actually pretty decent.

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Here in Canada, Lollipop Candyman hit #1 on Much Music as well, and all of their other videos did modestly well on the canadian charts.

I mean its about the cute Barbie stuff and Ken falling in lvoe with Barbie having a party but that dude is Ken? anyways it goes "i'm a barbie girl in a barbie world, your d!

Yea right,not that im into Barbies or anything but I can defenetly tell you that Ken has hair and is handsome. *k is plastic, its fantactic, you can brush my hair or comb my pubic hair, imagination life is your creation, come one barbie, lets get horney, ahahahyeah...." i think the rest is kinda yeah.

Pitching: 8-2, 1.71 ERA, 74 K, 14 BB, 65 2/3 IP, 3 SHO Hitting: 2 HR, 20 RBIs Of note: Class 6A state tournament MVP. College: Freed-Hardeman " data-srcset="https://expo.advance.net/img/bf3993a6a8/width468/34b_duskin. JPG 468w,https://expo.advance.net/img/bf3993a6a8/width516/34b_duskin. JPG 516w,https://expo.advance.net/img/bf3993a6a8/width746/34b_duskin. JPG 746w,https://expo.advance.net/img/bf3993a6a8/width360/34b_duskin. JPG 360w" data-sizes="(max-width: 360px) 90vw, (max-width: 767px) 90vw, (max-width: 1280px) 33vw, 25vw" class="articles-shot__article-summary-image lazyload" PINBALL The Who's Pete Townshend once wrote, "A pinball wizard's got such a supple wrist.

Being from Denmark I just want to inform that there is so much better music performed by Danish Musicians Kasmihr, Mew, Agnes Obel to name a few But who is smart here - Aqua making a stupid song (looking at the video, probable a low cost production) and selling millions or they people out there buying it ! For some odd reason, I liked the song and got the CD. When he says "Well barbie, we are just getting started." His voice is like totally sexy!! I think it's possible that this song is making a comment about society.

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