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Even tho it's not the same as the original from the 80s, I still think it captured the spirit of "Poison" pretty well.

Sadly the first thing to hit my nostrils after spraying it on was my biggest enemy, aldehydes.Not a lot of them but enough to put me off at first.Those, however, shift deep into the background fairly quickly and give way to a wonderfully bittersweet mixture of dark plum, dark berries, honey (lots of honey!I've received many compliments from both men and women and no one ever point their fingers at me saying "OMG you are wearing a women's perfume", instead they all wondered what's that mystical scent that smells sooo good! Hi Apathy Angel, I completely get that a scent can invoke strong memories - Poison takes me to a happy place - and that was, and has never been racist nor homophobic.Sounds like it's a pity that no one slipped Granny some of the real stuff in her tea.

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