Farm animal dating site

The six-month-old lamb was weak and had been left there for dead.

Gene immediately scooped her up and rushed her to the vet, in hopes of ending her suffering.

If you’re interested in combating animal cruelty — or if you just want to meet a bunch of kind and altruistic people — you can join the shelter’s fun events held throughout the year.

Farm Sanctuary unites people with common ideals and motivates them to make the world a kinder place.

We listen without judgment,” said Gene Baur, who founded Farm Sanctuary in 1986 alongside his now ex-wife.

It’s an inspirational and educational experience for many attendees who learn more about the living conditions of most farm animals and how everyday people can help by making mindful choices at the grocery store.It’s a great place to take a date if you want to introduce them to vegan culture, and it’s also a terrific opportunity for singles looking to meet compassionate and friendly people.“Vegans feel very welcome and understood here, and people who aren’t vegans feel free to ask their questions.You can volunteer at Farm Sanctuary to take action alongside the hard-working and vegan-friendly team.Those who work at the sanctuary hope to change hearts and minds by offering compassionate alternatives to a meat-eating culture.

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