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Unfortunately at Emperor you are given a robe by a young guy and the shorts are much too short.

They look like something out of a 1980’s made-for-tv movie staring Bruce Jenner.

There are televisions around the lounge that broadcast either in Chinese or English with Chinese subtitles which you can watch.

You can also read, play with your phone or take a snooze. As soon as you sit down a female attendant will bring a large towel to cover you with.

I’ve heard that it was incredibly busy around a decade ago but my first visit came much later than that so I can’t really comment.

All you have to do now is chose one of the dozens of reclining chairs and relax.

Although the clientele of the saunas are mostly Chinese people of all nationalities are welcomed inside which is refreshingly different from places like South Korea and Japan that have huge adult industries but keep them mostly closed off to foreigners.

I tell you with all sincerity that Macau is one of the best places in the world you can go to get your rocks off for a set fee, and the Emperor Sauna is a part of the reason why.

Those who have never had the pleasure of visiting one of Macau’s male saunas may have a hard time imagining everything that goes on within them.

All saunas in Macau are equipped with wireless internet access and cellphone chargers.

After you undress, wrap yourself up in the provided towel and slide on the provided slippers, you can head to the showers. There aren’t as many showers as there are at some of the other saunas around town but it doesn’t matter much as there’s almost no chance of them all being occupied anyway.

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