Fish in the sea dating cleveland

On this app, there's no swiping left or right like on other online dating sites.

A handpicked group of 500 Cleveland-area singles, chosen from a wait list of more than 3,000, received full access to The League dating app and were able to receive their matches selected by the app's algorithm.

One of her matches was a doctoral candidate at Case Western Reserve University who described himself as a "British Texan." Davis, 24, was charmed. "It's kinda cute." Whether Davis and the British Texan ever meet depends on on whether she sends him a "heart" through the app, and he reciprocates.

Immense adult size with black plumage, white shoulders and wedge-shaped tail.

Orange/yellow, very deep and arched bill that is its distinguishing feature. An adult can have up to 8 foot wing span and weigh 20 pounds.

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Emily Davis, a first-year law student at Case Western Reserve University, is the kind of career-oriented woman that the dating app The League exists for.

Davis was among 500 Clevelanders chosen for The League's inaugural class of ambitious, well-educated men and women looking for the same qualities in a mate.

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