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Finally she did the old up and over and the 6" long 2" wide dummy, I'd secured on to the metal member was nicely housed up inside her fleshy tunnel. Sencing this he just rubbed her now supper sensitive clit, till she shuttered through a few more cums and quieted right down. Her arms were held open and away from her body by elbow restraints.

But the belt was a fine tool to adjust a new bitch's attitude. Anxious to keep her nipple and avoid further pain Claudia pleaded... It wasn't till he started to used the pencil like buzzing device inside her flaccid labia that she began to surface from her exotic state. She let herself be manipulated, like a rag doll, into the strange configuring frame.

As I had warned her, I removed my belt and advanced upon the frightened cowering woman. Um Look I Aaaauauauau" She started but I caught her left calf with my nice thick belt. Claudia was not really with it, but the pull of the unyielding chain against her soft secret flesh, made her cooperation mandatory.

Then I took the 18 speed to the car park and retrieved my own convertible. The base of the 'horsie' is made of stout 2 x 4's and when its locked in the truck bed it is very secure ... You know they are really serious when they lookup from under their caked hair struggling to see through the sticky mess on their cheeks. After hosing her down again, in her still 'pliable state' I had her pose with no restraints with a few of the barn yard animals and myself. It had been a long day for her and myself, so I chained her naked out in the barn yard to 'rest' while I went in to my soo soft bed. She had never slept naked under the stars, and never would, voluntarily, but here ... ******************* The sun rising caused her cold hunched over naked flesh to finally warm up. She looked down and saw someone must of shaved her pubis. Curiously she reached down and opened her labia to find the source of a burning sensation. Her aching mind knew, The frigid cold water brought Claudia, the piggie, from her troubled half sleep to wide open eyed awake in microseconds.

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"Now stay here and wait for me." I demanded over my shoulder as I got in her car and drove off, leaving her there in the open field, alone, naked and chained...... When I felt I had it all down, I gave her a few uppers to assure she could not sleep. She found only a length of chain, leading to a padlock that was holding the chain tightly around her throat. As he drove off Bethany could not keep her little hands from reaching out and started to explore the muddy right nipple of the chained nude. Call the police and hav..." "Now that would be plumb unneighborly. Besides sometimes he lets me come over and play with his animals, and if I called the law on him he'd be mad at me.. She didn't even feel him un cuff her and shift her hands to over her belly. She hunched her shoulders over further, but the damn prod inside her, did not allow her to curl up. Feasting her eyes on Claudia's nude pulchritude the little girl broke out in a cute little smile. A bit odd, but he seemed to keep all his girl friends like this?? She remembered other times, she had gone to his barn and he let her play with .... " Bethany inquired with her big eyes delighted at the prospect as she looked into the truck's open window. Then she slumped down, lost into another ethereal plain. She was too exhausted to offer even token resistance when he manipulated her clit to a number of other cums for his own enjoyment. The brazen little moppet, despite the attempted evasions of Claudia, grasped the tender little bud on the right breast and gave it an exploratory twist. "He all ways lets me play with the animals he has at the farm. After a maelstrom of pinches and probes, the truck came to an abrupt halt and he called out the window. (This brought a small reaction but the manipulation of her clit soon quieted her .. Claudia, who until now had tried to keep her own privacy by starring at the truck bed found her self violated by the pinching fingers of the girls little thumbs and forefingers. AAAAA.." Claudia protested as the delighted little girl, once she had established a firm hold, twisted the tender pink nub first right, then left, and then back again... Claudia tried to keep silent to evade the little girls inquiries, but the insistent small hands and constant probing fingers would not be denied. No I'll just play with you some now and come by after supper for a right fun time then ..." The moppet related to the nude as she explored the less filthy parts of Claudia's available naked anatomy. He dragged her now slippery nudity down from the truck and positioned her on the cold metal table.

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