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More than willing to travel for good tough but sane submission wrestling. we have met on mats many times and its always been a great tussle. 11/05/18 After a long gap, in which we kept missing each other, we snatched a quick hour on the mats. 15/08/16 Impromptu tussle with this "little" powerhouse today! We have been wrestling for more years than i care to remember! Good imagination in a match; looks hot in gear; superb host. We had agreed to meet despite a big weight difference. We kind of opened the "London roll" meeting by being the first wrestlers on the mat. Nice strong counter attacks despite the weight difference. Despite the considerable weight difference,this wrestler just keeps on coming back for more. Despite weight difference we had a great set to on the mats. A wily old fighter with a startling array of sly moves and the strength and energy to go on using them for three hours. 27/04/18 We had been chatting for years and at last had the opportunity to lock up! This "wee" guy is strong, tough and certainly no pushover. He is a perfect gentleman, on and off the mats, but he wrestles to win and u better bring ur best game, or he'll destroy u. If I ever get back to the UK, he's at the top of my list. Met this big man few years back when I had mats in my apartment in London. 14/04/18 The two subs I got off this awesome wrestler I had to cheat to achieve (what, you cheat, I hear you cry! The multiple submission taken from me speak of the strength, skill, speed and safe aggression of this superb grappler. Had two or three sessions with him, and in each he gave 100%. As a person he is very funny, sociable guy who wants to wrestle everyone in the room. But it certainly works (He was constantly on the mats, in fact possibly spent more time on them than anyone else present & there were some young guns at the meet) He was first person who ever challenged me to a wrestling match & I still remember the excitement I felt that day 10 years ago when I received it. BUT this guy has developed his skills since we last met up and is a real monster on the mats. I REALLY look forward to facing him again soon for a longer session. I just hope that I get the chance of a longer 1on1 tussle with him soon. Finally met "Dadwrestle" on his own place and we had some great matches. I can only say you would be mad to miss your chance of locking up with this guy! Great wrestler, took on the bigger man and made me work VERY hard! haha After a long time chatting, we at last met today! He respects limits and adapts so that even small guys like can have good have fun without the risk of injury. After many years of chatting we hit the mats (again) last night! He has a great physique, is skilled, fast, strong safe and sane. If you get trapped between his legs, get ready to tap! This meet certainly made my overnight stay in Leeds worthwhile!! Yes, it's all true what the guys say about him – he's formidable. Quiet, determined, coming back for more over and over. We had one of the best wrestling experiences of my life. A really nice guy to have a chat with off the mats. He might be slim, but hes tough, resistant and fights back. 13/05/17 Another great tussle with this strong, tough wrestler! Superb physique, unafraid to step on to the mats with a wrestler way out of his weight class, this guy is one feisty, tough, strong grappler. He's strong, more agile than he looks and a great wrestler who had a good counter defence for most of my moves and holds. He is a skilled strong and agile heavyweight who can hold his own against the best of them. I was only too disappointed that I only got one session with him. Safe and sane, he was good to chat with off the mats. Had a very challenging but very enjoyable submission match. except perhaps his sneaky resumption of the match when you think you're getting up to set up the next bout... I have wrestled with dadwrestle a number of times and all of them have been good fun with technical skills and ability used rather than his sheer size. He's a skilled wrestler and takes some handling on the ground. I hope and trust this was the first of a succession of fights!! This is one of the great wrestlers of the "Meetfighters" world...110% recommended! I have known this skilled, tough wrestler for years. Great imagination on the mats, he delivers every time we meet. Hugely strong and fit fighter who knows exactly how to get some effective submissions. With his large wrestling room with mma mats dadwrestle brings a wealth of wrestling info and experience. It will be a great pleasure and honour for me to meet this rough'n'tough fighting gentleman and perfect host soon again. He's a really nice guy, safe and sane, rookies be unafraid. He got stuck in on the mats straight away, and was a quick learner. So it was the quickest start I ever had for a match. Be warned, he packs a punch if you agree to gut punching! Dadwrestle has remarkably strong thighs and you'll know about it if you get caught in them. A perfect way to spend a cold April morning in London!!! It was a great pleasure meet him..will do this again. This meet up was a long time in planning, but on the day all the arrangements worked perfectly. I enjoyed every moment of our match up and only hope that we can meet again SOON! We had a good tussle; he left threatening a return. " I am ready for anything you want to TRY to dish out! Primarily into submission wrestling we started battling the moment I stepped through the door. Tried some pro stuff, which his skill made work for us. I highly recommended him to all those that are looking for a perfect challenge - you will get the powerful package with him. I really enjoyed it and am very grateful for the help in taking the first step. He was strong and determined, and looked great in his gear. Don't miss out on the opportunity of wrestling this rookie....he's good! When I arrived at Dadwrestle’s place, he was already fully kitted up and could hardly wait to have me on the mat. Voir Stevie Ray Vaughan and Lonnie Mack: Live at the American Caravan TV Show - Raw Footage en streaming gratuitement , Stevie Ray Vaughan and Lonnie Mack: Live at the American Caravan TV Show - Raw Footage HD, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Lonnie Mack: Live at the American Caravan TV Show - Raw Footage Blue-ry.Voir Babymetal - Live at Metropolitan Rock 2015: World Tour 2015 en streaming gratuitement , Babymetal - Live at Metropolitan Rock 2015: World Tour 2015 HD, Babymetal - Live at Metropolitan Rock 2015: World Tour 2015 Blue-ry.

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I have no hesitation at all in recommending this wrestler! Great fun on and off the mats and can't wait for round 2 ! He's big and he's mean, but the "dad" still took him down! Dont let him tempt you into a finger-interlock...there's huge power in his shoulders and arms. Yes, he's a novice wrestler, but he's up for a good tough encounter and is certainly no pushover. I could not have asked for a better way to spend an afternoon! It was my first time wrestling someone and Paul was ever so kind to take me on. It took a time to fix a date, but he was totally reliable. This wrestler is a MUST for those looking for a tough, big solid opponent. No idea why I haven't posted a recommendation before! He can take everything you can throw at him and he’s very aggressive on the mats but still in a safe way. Had a full on NHB wrestle, with plenty of body punching. Furthermore, there is a lot more to him than just wrestling. Met Paul at his place tonight and wasn't sure what to expect. Met dadwrestle yesterday after what seemed to be forever chatting, and I am glad to say the trip over was well worth it, he is an awesome guy, who certainly knew his stuff. As dadwrestle has already mentioned is was a sweat soaked afternoon and I was totally puffed out, but it was a totally great experience and I cannot recommend him highly enough! After a long time chatting we at last hit the mats! We are signed up for the return bout, I am glad to say!

We have had some close fought sessions on the mats. This guy definitely brought muscle and skill to the match and I had one hell of time locking up with this stud.

Here's a big, solid, tough opponent who just loves to grapple. We have waited quite some time before we have been able to fix a meet.

Pretty much everything is random here, but this one has the name "random chat".

Like all our adult chat rooms, it has random people from around the world.

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