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1 mhz VK Record 131 Errata 134 L«ttsr^ 141 Caveat Emptor 144 Index to Advertisers STAFF Editors Wayne Green W2NSD/1 Kayla Blook WIEMV Advertising Diane Shaw Production Roger Block Phil Price Nellie Sildar Jeff Barsanti Jane Tracey Whitney Tobias Art Bill Moreflo Mike Baltin Circulation Lin Green Dorothy Gibson Carol Ring Comptroller Joe La Vigne Propagation John Nelson Wr W Editor Dave Mann K2AGZ Bo Qks Wafter Manek Mark Kearney 8 12 20 24 28 32 34 40 42 46 50 52 54 58 62 64 66 S8 70 73 76 83 86 108 116 123 124 132 Contents A Super^Gain Antenna for 40 Meters .,..,,,,,». Though 1 may avoid highly charged questions and pohtical controversy, I may indulge in hypocrisy of the vilest kind.W4ISIVK Nine db on 40 meters might be called *'super/* DX Corner , ___.,, K2AG2 WTW reports and other DX jazz. There seems to be some idea that if a guy waves Old Glory and says he believes in the sanctity of motherhood and the home, he is then perfectly free to go on the air and express all kinds of poison J without fear of retribution- He can say anything, (so long as he doesn't cuss,) about another race, creed or color.FET Chirper , .,....., K6QKL Signet source for peaking converters for optimum signal /noise* The inside Info on Alexander Graham .,**.,,,.,.,,.,, , W2FEZ Or— how the telephone really works. He has only to avoid foul language, treason and sedition, heresy or irreverence, and he is witiiin bounds. Unfortunately, 1 did not take into account the fact that there are some who are not all that intelligent. Each of the six inputs has its own actuating coil for alternate or simultaneous switching. 3, Isolating circuit for coupling to phone line, elements for coupling into or out of a telephone line.

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Turn the Chirper off and re-check the converter neutralization. Therefore the ham is often inclined to experiment on his own. • Adjustable squelch • Modulation Acceptance: FM wideband (narrow band available) • Type: Dual Conversion, FET front end for minimum cross modulation and overload • IF Frequencies: 10,7MHz and 455 KHz • Freq, Control: 3 chan. , , , , , _ W10LP Gadget you can build to improve your scope. The very existence of this group casts some skepticism into my mind now, about the wisdom of my words; I have misgivings. Receiver: Sensitivity: SIN AD -5uv for 12db, luv provides 20 db quieting. 1 neglected to remember that there are people who will go out of their way, and seek deliberately to hurt, out of intolerance, bigotry, envy, or some fancied grievance* There are many malcontents in this world, and we have our fair share of them in Amateur Radio, There are bullies, misfits, paranoids, and a whole range of peculiar types who are not prepared to maintain that degree of dispassionate detachment which would permit discussion minus any violent verbal abuse. Using realistic values, however, it's perfectly possible to have a 20 K transformer and a 1 meg recorder or modulator input. ■■*5v - IKS^ ORDERING INFORMATION: Contact your local electronics distributor or Dow-Key COMPANY *^^^* /epresentaiive, or writ© direct to the factory. COLORADO 80020 TELEPHONE AREA CODE 303/46^-7303 • F. The three resistors may be entirely unnecessary if the primary winding of the transformer matches exactly the circuit feeding it.

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