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Ben Waxman, a spokesman for Krasner’s office, declined to offer further specifics about Mill’s case, but noted that prosecutors last week dismissed three other cases built by Graham due to concerns about the officer’s credibility.

Such questions were a bit of an afterthought Tuesday.

— Meek Mill (@Meek Mill) April 24, 2018 In the meantime, I plan to work closely with my legal team to overturn this unwarranted conviction and look forward to reuniting with my family and resuming my music career.

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Mill has been imprisoned since November, when Common Pleas Court Judge Genece E.

Graham, was on a list of police officers with credibility questions, something Mill’s attorneys said they had not previously been told.

His attorneys then filed paperwork accusing Graham of lying to secure Mill’s arrest, and Krasner’s office responded by saying it had questions about whether Mill’s original conviction should stand.

The rapper and the woman are still close, and he has no regrets and feels no weirdness about their relationship.

is an American rapper and actress from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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