German dating phrases

I hope the content of this page was useful to you, and that you learned some German phrases, expressions and words.Make sure to memorize them to be able to use them in your daily conversation.Below are some fun, and often hilarious, German slang words and phrases. ” or “goodbye,” use the German slang phrase “.” This is a less formal way of saying goodbye, which is literally translated to “make it good.” However, it means something along the lines of “have a good one.” Hopefully you’ll get a lot of use out of these German slang words and phrases. If you’re looking to learn more German slang words and phrases, ask your German teacher or speak with a native German!The more you speak to natives the easier it is to learn the language and culture.As your feelings become stronger, you’ll need the words to communicate those emotions onto your partner.These expressions should help you accomplish just that!

Most of the sentences below are used for everyday life conversations, so they might come handy if you memorize them.

The dating scene in Germany isn't different to any other western country and unfortunately, this article wont turn you into a new German Don Juan either.

But if you like to know some German phrases that might come in handy when/if you meet a nice German man or woman, you should definitely read on.

This is the logical order, moving from the smallest unit (the day) to the largest (the year).

To review the ordinal numbers, see this guide to German numbers.

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